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SIMPLIWATER Pathogen Removal Technology 

   NO POWER         NO CHEMICALS          NO PATHOGENS           NO HASSLE

Bacterial Water Filter
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SIMPLIWATER ZERO products provide for the absolute destruction of living organisms 

in a single convenient cartridge.  

From $99.00

Kills Bacteria
Removes Toxins
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Our Whole House high flow water treatment and filtration products providing virus, bacteria and toxin free water direct to you and your family.
Our Point-of-Use treatment and filtration products provide a cost effective source of clean drinking and food preparation water in one convenient location.
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We deliver a wide range of water filtration products

to meet your needs...

Consumers unknowingly spend more than 100 million dollars a year on water filtering and treatment products that do not meet minimum performance standards. Simpliwater raises the bar by offering commercial high quality tested and certified products - Made in America - for today's educated and discerning consumer.

"30% of American municipalities did not meet the minimum EPA Standards for delivering clean water..."
"Home water filters save millions of plastic bottles and the concerns for micro-plastic ingestion.."
"The pure clean taste of the water and ease of use are why we chose to install a Simpliwater filter and treatment system under our kitchen sink.." Peter and Irena, San Diego CA.

Simpliwater Ultra Filtration Technology 

Simpliwater UF series of cartridges can be applied to new and existing 

Whole-House or Point-of-Use water treatment systems, providing for the ultra filtration of municipal or well water for simpli pure clean water.

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Ultra Filtration
Bacterial Filter Point of Use

Available in 3

standard sizes

Ultra 3 Stage Filtration
Our unique 3 in 1 design provides for sediment filtration bacterial, cysts, viruses, algae and mold removal, as well
as GAC carbon /KDF 85 treatment for toxins for less than 1 cent a day.
These are long life cartridges, made to commercial standards, are tested and certified in America.

Simpliwater Sales Staff are here to help
you select the best water treatment products for your home. 
Contact us at


Simpliwater is committed to recycling every product that it sells with a pre-labeled return envelope.

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