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Your plants can love you...

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Whether real science or simple beliefs, your plants can hear you.... Studies show this to be true. They can also tell you if they are feeling sick.... Plants survive and live much happier when they are fed pure clean and "minerialized" water. Which is why we suggest Simpliwater QD filters as a way of delivering pathogen free water to help draw nutrients from the soil, while eliminating possible infection from molds, algae and other water borne pathogens. University testing laboratories have proven increased plant growth and health (survival rates) when water has been disinfected, or free of living pathogens (bacteria, mold,mildew, viruses,cysts,etc.)

Plants that grow faster and healthier, including house plants and those being propagated in agricultural facilities. Including cannabis, oranges, palms and tomatoes. Ask for our studies that were carried out in Universities in America.

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