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The Technology

Ultra Filtration is achieved through exclusive and patented membrane technology, presenting characteristics which include pore size and electro-positive adhesion.  Filtration prevents the passing of particulate in the water stream. This is known as "dead-end filtration". 

These cartridges suit placement in existing water filter systems and as a result provide for multiple benefits including 5 micron sediment removal, carbon treatment for toxins and the removal of bacteria, cysts, viruses, algae, mold.


This is known as "dead-end" filtration. And the SimpliWater Ultra Bacterial Filter is tested and certified to perform at down to 0.02 microns in size.

Filter cartridge bacterial performance ratings are from 20,000 (point-of-use cartridge) to 240,000 gallons capacity (Large Home), depending on the water conditions.


Multiple cartridge configurations are able to deliver in excess of 60 gallons per minute of water flow. This presents many commercial application possibilities.


Additionally, our cartridges are sold with AGION Silver and carbon content to deliver additional performance while maintaining high flow rates. This can provide several advantages as an all-in-one product, including a washable 5 micron sediment barrier.

Our filters component membranes are licensed by our OEM facility from the world's singular supplier and is often recognized under the brand names "Nano-Ceram, "Ahlstrom" and "Disruptor Technology" membranes.

All Simpliwater products are manufactured to Commercial grade standards, including outer and inner support and durability components not found in many low cost import products.

For further technical details please contact us by email.

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