Simpliwater UF filter cartridges are designed as "Dead-End" filters, removing removing at least 99.99%  of particulates, including but not limited to Bacteria, cysts, viruses, mold and algae. Filtration is rated at 0.02 microns as specified by the manufacturer of the "Ahlstrom" media, a patented  Product. These cartridges fit standard American filter housings purchased online or at your local hardware or Box Stores.

Simpliwater UF4510

  • Suited to an addition to your existing whole house filter system, providing a great 3 in 1 feature. Rated at 8 gallons per minute, with a useful life of 100,000 gallons. Ideal for homes, cottages, RV's Boats and R.O. prefiltration. Replaces expensive U.V. lamps while using no electrical power.

  • Simply remove the existing cartridge and replace with the Simpliwater UF4510 cartridge (nominal 4.5" by 10" in size).

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